SOCIATE is a PR and marketing agency that also specializes in events and design. Each vertical of our business is unique – fueled by a combination of enthusiasm and industry expertise. Treating our projects like a Rubiks cube, we strategically approach them with creativity and determination. With our diverse services, we can help you find the best solution to suit your business needs.


Our team has been there – done that!

We’ve got heaps of experience in a variety of different industries.



It has been great working with the team at Sociate. Their attention to detail and personalised service has been very beneficial for us. The dedicated facetime we get ensures that all aspects of our requirements are addressed in a timely manner

Orsi Halasz
General Manager - Dusty's

Arctic Trucks Middle East

We are super happy with the service level at Sociate and they have always done a great job with any of our requests. Ever since we have joined hands with Sociate, we have seen tangible results through an increase in the number of customer inquiries and interest in our services. We look forward to establishing a long-term working relationship with them.

Hjalti Hjaltason
General Manager - Arctic Trucks Middle East

Selva ME

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Rosa and her team. They handled our event meticulously that resulted in a successful event. We at Selva really appreciate all the efforts - Sociate's proficiency is great.

Adriano Davidoni
General Manager - Selva ME


Sociate has been there for Tribeca Kitchen and Bar from the very beginning! She is hardworking, creative and always there to offer additional support. We consider Rosa part of the Tribeca Family.

Vesna Vrankovic
Creative Director - Tribeca

Raw Distribution

SOCIATE launched our company into the media spotlight, gaining us publicity through a broad cross-section of Business related media. They handled our event with professionalism that resulted in a successful event. We can’t wait to work with them again!

Patrice Legg
Business Development- RAW Distribution

The Coffee Club

SOCIATE understands the finer details of our brand and has always been on the same page as us. The SOCIATE team has been a delightful bunch to work with - always taking challenges into its stride. Cooking up ideas and executing them with SOCIATE is quite an invigorating experience!

General Manager - The Coffee Club

My Green Chapter

Staying true to their Values, the SOCIATE team has always felt like an integral part of My Green Chapter. The constant flow of communication assured that all the initiatives were aligned with our business objectives with a creative twist! Their modern approach to PR is making way for new heights in the UAE PR industry.

Leanne Dore
Project Manager, My Green Chapter

Halla Walla

It has been a real pleasure dealing with SOCIATE over the last few months. Even though it has been such a short amount of time, their warm, engaging approach has enabled people to engage, learn and fall in love with our brand. Their expertise with the media has opened endless doors of opportunities for HALLA WALLA, allowing us to flourish. We can rely on SOCIATE in any emergency and are comfortable to trust their judgement to represent our brand.

Yasmine Rasool and Eriko Varkey
Founders - Halla Walla