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Self-learning and the secret to mastering anything in 45 minutes

  Our grass-fed copywriter recently attended an enlightening conference about self-learning hosted by Udacity (the self-learning portal) and powered by our semi-government technology client, Smartworld. Having always had the autodidact itch, here’s what she learned from 60 minutes in a room with Udacity.   Stay in school, kids – it’s a modern day luxury  …


Arctic Trucks goes on epic road trip across Greenland with the Expedition 7

  Renowned for its insatiable appetite for the great outdoors, Arctic Trucks recently relived an adventure it embarked upon in 1999. Following in the footsteps of the famous Norwegian polar explorer, Fridthjof Nansen, Arctic Trucks journeyed across Greenland in three cars, covering 1200 kilometers.   19 years later, it recently collaborated with Expedition 7 on…


Let them eat cake! Here’s how SOCIATE celebrated its 3rd birthday

  SOCIATE blew out its third birthday candles on July 3. #teamSOCIATE celebrated its birthday lunch in serendipitous fashion, at Tribeca, where SOCIATE’s story began. We gathered around delicious food, a bespoke cake by Sharjah-based bakery Frosted Wonders, and a seven-foot tall balloon by Happy Balloons.     #teamSOCIATE’s grass-fed copywriter, after polishing off her bowl…