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Here’s what #teamSOCIATE thinks of the UAE’s new sponsored content guidelines

  Translating “beer” and “wine” to “hop” and “grape” is second nature for news readers in the UAE.   This regulation has gone up another notch with the UAE government’s new guidelines for social media influencers and advertisers. On Monday, the National Media Council issued 19 content guidelines addressing social media influencers and digital marketing channels.…


4 ways to enjoy mini moments of peace in your hectic work day

  We’ve all done it. Swooped straight into the office and thrown ourselves into a tornado of emails, work and meetings right until sunset. Being relentlessly busy without treating yourself to micro breaks can snowball into burnout. Here’s how five minutes away from your desk can benefit your productivity.   Breathe: Inhale, exhale, repeat. While this…


3 tools your business needs to survive the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  Our client, CIOMajlis powered by Smartworld, hosted its second annual conference this week. The event was awash with thought leaders from the UAE’s government and private sector.   Talks and panel discussions touched on a range of topics from the government’s mission to go paperless by 2021 to the future of digital education. Here are…