Carla Conte


A rarity in the design industry, Carla is considered a retail and environmental branding specialist with particular experience in designing shopping centres, department stores, beauty and fashion brands, food retail …
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Barry Lee Cummings

Digital & Technologies

Barry’s portfolio boasts leading IT giants like Microsoft and EMC. As a digital marketing consultant, he provides digital marketing strategy and consultancy services to companies to help them generate business through digital …
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Rosa Bullock

Entrepreneurship and PR

With business in her blood, Rosa is a second-generation entrepreneur. Having launched her own communications agency at the age of 28, she has made significant contributions to the local SME and communications scene.
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Sabrina Moutarde


With more than a decade’s experience in the marketing industry, Sabrina brings her specialist skills to the region. Passionate about brand authenticity and visibility – she masterfully helps brands communicate their message …

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Rabab Hussain

Public Relations

Rabab has 8+ years of experience in the local PR industry. Working across the spectrum, her forte lies in expert client management, developing tailored PR strategies, innovating solutions for brands seeking exposure …
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Glitzy Robles

Media Production

Calling Dubai home for 16 years, Renelyn “Glitzy” Robles had a tumultuous start to her life in Dubai. Despite facing inequality and racism, her career has taken her from being a beauty consultant to working at a well-known UAE …

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Tracey Devine-Smith

Creative Global Director

Thanj Kugananthan, HR

HR (Talent Management)

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Property & Investment

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IP Law