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Using social media for business success

Written by Sameeta Rajpal, Social Media Executive and Hashtag Hustler


It is impossible to ignore the impact your digital presence has on any business. When the global pandemic hit, the American e-commerce industry alone saw a 30.1% increase in sales. 


90% of social media users have engaged with brands and businesses on their social media platform of choice. 


While not all businesses sell online, businesses with a social media presence have a better chance of growing their customer base than those without one.


With webinars and educational resources just a click away, most businesses now have a better understanding of the digital scene. While the global pandemic caused a great dip for traditional businesses, the e-commerce industry saw a boom. While it’s not practical for traditional businesses to switch to e-commerce, maintaining a digital presence is key.


If you avoid technology like the plague, social media may seem daunting. Questions like which social media channels are best fit for your business and how many accounts you need may boggle your mind. 


While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, you may find yourself with an answer by thinking about the following questions.


Question #1: Who is your target audience?


Firstly, who are you talking to? Who do you want to reach? Once you have established this, you must work out where they are hanging out, what social media channels do they visit? That is where your brand should be active.


Question #2: Where is your target audience most active?


Your messaging should consider the target audience and the channel where the message will be visible. Gen Z absorbs information in a very different way to Baby Boomers, your Tik Tok audience is looking for different types of content than your Facebook users. A handbag from Primark is looking for a different customer, than the Hermes customer.


If you provide online music classes for toddlers, your target customer is both male and female and is likely between the ages of 22-40. In this case, the safest options are Instagram, Facebook and also YouTube advertising.


Question #3: What’s trending on your target audience’s platform?


Once you have identified your target audience and the channels to find them on, it’s time to do some research. Look into the latest trends on the social media platform you’re considering. Insightful posts and long-form articles fare well on LinkedIn. Video fares well on Instagram and TikTok. Video, written posts, and graphics fare well on Facebook. Do your research, then test the waters.


If this post has left you feeling even more overwhelmed about setting up a social media presence, let SOCIATE’s social media experts help you out.


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