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our guide to hosting an in-house event

SOCIATE’s guide to hosting an in-house event

Written by Lovely Castillejo, Office Angel and Multitasker Extraordinaire at SOCIATE

Organizing and promoting an event is far from an easy task.
Events have many roles – to tell a story and provide indispensable knowledge.


To ensure your event is a success, take these tips for a spin.


What is the purpose of the event or workshop?

Be selective about your audience.
Go through your address book and ask yourself who would benefit from your event.


SELL your event. Entice your audience with a catchy event name and a captivating description. Tell your audience how their life will improve by attending your event. They could make professional contacts that will boost their career or learn insights that will enhance their industry knowledge. Don’t forget the fine print – date, time, location, ticket price, contact details, where to find parking. No one likes a tease.


On the day of your event, be an information butler. Don’t leave anything to your guest’s imagination. Give them all the information they need so they don’t have to look it up on Google. Your event reminder email should have this: parking details, whether food and drinks will be available (or where the nearest supermarket and cafe is), your event agenda, a picture of the workshop space (this will make your guest feel at home before they even arrive), and your location on Google maps.


Make a difference by being the difference. Make your event memorable by curating a distinct vibe, well-researched insights, and being a thoughtful and organized host.


Give your attendees an idea of what they can expect on the big day.
What do they need to bring, or know, before arriving?


Share your audience with your audience. Let your guests know whether they’ll be mingling with freelancers, fellow creative professionals, industry leaders, business people, or students and interns.


E-introduce your guests to the event host.
Share a brief profile, with a headshot, of the person leading the event.


Don’t sell yourself short. Your event could have people lining up out the door! To avoid hiccups like lack of seats or a shortage of snacks and coffee, be mindful of your space restrictions and guest limit. Let your guests know, in advance, if they can bring a plus one along.


Shout about it from the social rooftops! Create an event on Facebook, list your workshop on MeetUp, plug it in on Instagram, create a special hashtag your guests can use on Instagram and Facebook.


Want to see these tips in action?
Keep up with SOCIATE’s workshops on Instagram.


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Check out our event services and hire us to organize your next blogger or media event ?

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