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Pitching cookies in the PR kitchen

Written by SOCIATE’s copywriting intern, Shanice Chrisel


Call out to the hunger in you. 

If you had to choose between two cookies, one warm and fudgy and the other, thin and crispy – would you scan their ingredient list or sink your teeth into them to decide?


PR professionals whip out their chef’s hats whenever they decide to combine ideas – those that make it to the boardroom are termed “pitches”. A highly creative field, it goes without saying that great ideas need great presentations and vice versa. Fortunately, for the advertising world of today, we don’t have to struggle as much as our seniors did, forty years ago. 


PR consultants often found themselves in a pickle in the early years. Despite juggling between humming fax-machines, tangled telephone cords, you would always find them on a frantic goose chase, looking for their prey. Hunting down on-the-move journalists only to nab a tiny advertising space was still considered a huge win, especially when compared to the dozens of pitches that would get lost in the mail. 


The onset of the digital age scratched the surface of a much more efficient work environment. Computers made contacting journalists seem like a piece of cake, allowing anyone to send across emails pitching ideas.


The continuous instream of great ideas, paired with faster news cycles and an increasing number of media outlets may seem like every PR agent’s fiery nightmare. PR professionals constantly find themselves drinking from the pool of creativity all to stay afloat and relevant in one of the world’s most competitive industries. 


But when the midnight oil burns through the night, rewards are certainly reaped. Heat rings on the table, rough scribbles on receipts and a lot of caffeine later, a three-minute pitch emerges, all-powerful enough to nab contracts, clients and commitment. 


The truth is, the modern-day pitch is simply a story that entices. 

It is absolutely anything you want it to be. 

After all, it is your cookie. 


If your clients are craving gooey treats and greater engagement in the press, contact our PR experts for a digital basket full of goodies at [email protected]. 

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