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/ Inspiration / Our Marketing Intern on: How to manage change in the workplace
how to manage change in the workplace

Our Marketing Intern on: How to manage change in the workplace

Written by Malaysia Nicole, Marketing intern at Sociate


One thing society pushes us to do is be more accepting of change.

Change is good to re-evaluate what is important to you and show appreciation for your current stage in life.


However, as great as this may sound, it does not mean it is easy to do.


Whether you are swapping departments, your role, or even a certain routine or system you have in the workplace, it is important to remember that with change comes growth!


Here are our tips to go into your workplace transition with open-mind and positive vibes.


Realization – the first step to welcoming change is realizing why this change needs to happen in the first place. Maybe you are ready for a level of growth that is unattainable for where you are currently. Realizing the reason for this change is key to keeping yourself motivated to take on any challenges ahead.


Do something fun – When you truly embrace something new, you allow it to shine in your life and set the stage for positivity. You could throw yourself a party with friends to celebrate. There is always a feeling of warmth and support when those closest to you are there to share these special moments. You could even treat yourself to an outing or something small to encourage you. Either way, making this process as enjoyable and fun for yourself is the best way to be positive in your decisions.


Be confident – So now you are in the new department, the new role, or using that new system. Whatever change it may be, this is your chance to just own it. Take the time to recognize everything that can make this an amazing experience. Bring the best version of yourself out to take this transition by storm!


At SOCIATE, we encourage all of our team members to face challenges head on and with a smile!

We know that change is a crucial part of growing into the vision you have for yourself. Embrace it, enjoy it, and learn from it because you will always come out better than you were when you began!


Shout out to our Marketing Intern, Malaysia Nicole, for penning this piece.

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