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Measuring influencer marketing


Written by SOCIATE’s copywriting intern, Shanice Chrisel


Endless scrolling does have its perks – kittens napping, themed picnic spreads, and stunning sunset snaps.  But on the other side, your double-tapped hearts turn into statistics and what feels like a lifetime’s worth of eye candy is merely a stream of data for social media specialists. 


Nabbing everyone’s attention at social media webinars, Influencer Marketing carved out a slice of the marketing mix as it became the talk of the social town – brands could now double their sales and public awareness by connecting themselves to niche experts or influencers


But as the strategy grows, so does the need to measure it. 


When it comes to measuring personal relationships, it may not be as easy as 1-2-3. Lucky for us, a certain add-on to your glossary could help benefit your brand in the long run. Brand Lift measures the “positive shift” in how audiences look at your brand, brought in by influencer partnerships. It may not lead to immediate sales but it certainly does keep your brand in the minds of the masses.


Here’s how to make the most of your influencer relationships: 


Let it flow – even if it exceeds 30 seconds: Content creators hate feeling “boxed” up. Whether it’s about their latest clothing haul or their favorite meal, a large number of people tap into their content to get a glimpse of how they live. With some extra breathing space of a few more seconds, they can capture your brand’s entire experience with a few perfectly timed, strategic posts.


Craft your own metrics: Create well-defined metrics to measure your talent in terms of contributing to your brand’s absolute lift. Putting together benchmarks to accurately define the bonus points brought in by your creator friends will help you effectively channel your efforts in the future. Keep in mind that you’re measuring brand awareness, brand perception and intent to buy, and not just story mentions.


Cross out impressions and likes: It took us by surprise too – impressions, likes, and comments have circled around social experts’ heads but when it comes to influencer partnerships, they do more harm than good. These benchmarks inaccurately measure your reach – they don’t reveal whether your audience has truly resonated with your content. They calculate the scroll-bys your post has received and ignore the real returns of your talent pool.


Trusted by their loyal followers, influencers play a huge role in amplifying brand messages. Be it a product you’ve just introduced or one that’s been around, tap into the influencer gold mine for a sure return on your investment.


If creating metrics from scratch is something you just can’t take on right now, our social wizards have some tricks up their sleeve for you – drop us a message at [email protected] for our social media spells.

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