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Keep your customers engaged like Instagram


Instagram has been a social media wunderkind for years, leaving Facebook and Twitter in the dust. Its simple image-forward platform means that all users have to do is scroll to be fed visually stimulating content. 


And then TikTok arrived.


Younger social media users flocked to TikTok, enjoying a new opportunity to create and storytell.


With an array of effects and features to create engaging videos with, TikTok is currently enjoying its moment in the sun. Some say that TikTok’s appeal lies in putting users in a position to create. An image doesn’t cut it, users must come up with a story and film a video around it on TikTok.


It wasn’t long before Instagram wanted a slice of the action, launching Reels. Sharing TikTok’s approach, users must conceptualise their videos before creating and editing them. Striving to boost this new feature on its platform, social media users who post regular Instagram Reels enjoy better engagement. 


Rees has now entered the next stage of its life cycle – advertisements.


Having gathered a significant audience around it, Reels has launched ads. But these aren’t any old ads. Reels ads are different to instastory ads in that users can engage with them – liking, commenting, and tapping away. Reels ads won’t weigh down on users’ attention span either, being just up to 30 seconds long. 


The performance and success of Reels ads are yet to be seen. The new feature performed well when debuted in India, and we imagine Instagram is hoping for similar engagement the world over. Reels also allows businesses to reach people who don’t follow them, Instagram shared in a statement.


If you’d like to keep your audience hooked on your Instagram content, try these tips:


Post regularly but strategically: Waiting to be in the right headspace to post on your Instagram page can affect your audience engagement. Gather your thoughts at the beginning of the month and think of ways to market your business. Remember to create value with the content you post.


Stay creative but relatable: Abstract posts are great for sparking audience curiosity. Too many abstract posts may send out a confusing message. Connect with your audience by reflecting their lifestyle in your posts, or give them an ideal lifestyle to aspire towards.


Stay ambitious but resourceful: If you’re a small business and budget is tight, you don’t have to throw in the towel. You may want to bring professionally designed content to your audience, and you still can without spending a fortune. Explore free content creation platforms like Canva that have a range of free templates and design elements to play with. While you’re at it, start working on a content creation budget.


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