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Develop your brand voice in 6 simple steps!

Is your brand laid-back and chill? Or completely corporate? Maybe you’re a bit quirky? 
Or are you struggling to answer that question?

Why your brand’s tone of voice matters

How you ‘speak’ to your target audience is critical in shaping how consumers engage with your brand. That means you need a consistent, established tone of voice which you use everywhere – from your website content to your social media feeds. Your ‘voice’ should sound the same across all your touchpoints.

Your brand’s tone of voice is its personality – and people react to personalities that resonate with them. So when you hit the right note with your tone of voice, you’ll see an increase in engagement as well as brand trust and loyalty. 

How to get started

If you need a helping hand with discovering your brand’s tone of voice, start with these six simple steps.

1. Think of your brand as a person – what do they sound like? Are they formal? Casual? Use slang? Check out this handy brand archetype wheel for more ideas.

2. Look – you’re probably not going to get your tone of voice 100% right at the very beginning. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with the material you develop and curate.

3. What do your current customers think of your brand? If you don’t know how you sound to your target market, it’s a good idea to try out some customer relationship exercises to get an idea of what your customers want to hear.


4. You might have more than one person sharing material for your brand, so put together some guidelines to make sure your tone of voice stays the same no matter what.

5. Schedule your content in advance! Some really cool platforms, like SocialBee, can help you schedule your written content, not just your socials. Just plug in your stuff and press ‘go’.

6. Are people responding to your brand’s voice, or is it time to rethink your strategy? Check your stats regularly and see what’s performing well – don’t be afraid to change things!

To learn more about creating a unique brand voice, check out SOCIATE’s digital library here

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