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anatomy of pr professional dubai

Anatomy of a PR professional

While some people think that sugar, spice, and everything nice is what a PR professional is made of – it’s that and more. Here’s an anatomy class on the average PR professional.


Sharp eye for coverage opportunities: PR pros can detect coverage from a mile away. After crossing our fingers when sending out a press release and relentlessly pitching to the media, all it takes is a fleeting glimpse of a client’s photography or a headline to know our clients have been featured. No matter how many years you spend in the industry, the feeling of landing coverage never gets old.


Fingers that pitch at the speed of light: Our little black book is a prized possession filled with media and influencer contacts that we’ve nurtured over the years. Never underestimate a PR pro’s ability to get creative with a feature and pitch their client for it. Our fingers are no stranger to “just following up on this” emails.


A heart that flutters every time an exposure opportunity comes through: “My account would be perfect for that” is something that plays on loop in a typical PR pro’s mind. We’re a passionate bunch with a two-pronged heart, we love our media and influencer friends as much as we do our clients. Helping both sides make great things happen puts pep in our step.


Feet that can stand all night at an event: While guests saunter in and out of an event, know that the PR pro has been on their feet at least two hours before it started. Armed with our “broken in” pair of trusty heels or the flats we’ve had for years, even our fitbits struggle to keep up with our step count at an event. Our secret? A light lunch and an ungodly amount of coffee. 


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