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5 digital tools every PR Pro should try


Written by SOCIATE’s copywriting intern, Shanice Chrisel


If your daily routine comprises switching between your email inbox, news outlets and social media, then congratulations – you’ve got a bit of PR in you. Care to nurture that side?


PR firms are normally hired by companies to manage and maintain their public reputation. Writing and editing press releases, monitoring news and social feeds for potential brand roadblocks, and analysing social media interactions comprise a tiny slice of what a PR agency’s task list looks like. 


But in reality, putting together client proposals, PR event vision boards, and media relations require a ton of work. However, there’s one player that makes the PR battle easier to take on: Google.


Whether you’re a PR wizard or a budding communications enthusiast, Google empowers you to go above and beyond for your clients. If you’re a Google aficionado and are looking to update your tool kit, here are some add-ons that can help.


Google Alerts: If you spend hours browsing to keep your finger on the pulse of PR and news, use Google Alerts to bring yourself up to speed instead. If your to-do list is packed, a Google Alert ping could brief you and ensure you’re still a part of the wider conversation. With customised alert notifications, monitoring turns into smooth sailing as real-time reports make their way straight into your inbox. 


Google Trends: If your press releases are missing the right keywords, then your PR efforts risk being out of sight and out of mind. Direct your content towards the right people by speaking their language. Google Trends compiles tracklists of trending terms which you can use to boost visibility. Optimise the right phrases and hashtags to create identifiable content for your customers.


Google News: Stay on top of what’s happening within your industry and keep your eyes out for any mentions of your clients. Create your own feeds with Google News – customise and organise based on your personal interests or those of your clients. It’s one way to make your daily commute whiz by.


Google Workspace: Harness Google’s true co-working potential for team collaborations by putting together a digital workspace for all. Conquer brainstorming sessions with shared documents on Google Drive, collaborate on press releases with Google Docs, and smash proposals with Google Sheets. 


Bonus round: If you’re a PR professional who also handles your client’s social media channels, try Hootsuite or Buffer (these are not Google tools). As a communications pro, it’s essential that you schedule and plan your content ahead of time. Jump across multiple tabs while scanning social media platforms with an all-in-one measuring platform. Analyse your feed, your competitors’ posts, monitor trending keywords, and much more.


As flexible working and cross-department collaboration take off across the world, the internet’s selection of free collaboration tools helps teamwork make the dream work.


Need a hand with your PR and social media tactics? Our team is always available for a chat – please reach out to [email protected] for support with all things PR, marketing, social media and content creation. 

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