SOCIATE has a team of highly-trained professionals that hail from different parts of the world. With a common goal of being awesome at their job, SOCIATE’s creative whiz kids cover public relations, marketing, events, design, and client servicing. They’re a delight to work with once they’ve had their morning caffeine fix!

PR Director & Wizard of Comms

Rabab Hussain

Cat lover, food enthusiast, and wannabe fitness freak; Rabab would enjoy the title of PR Queen. She’s someone that loves taking charge of situations and doing what it takes to get things done!
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Founder & PR Guru

Rosa Bullock

Can easily reach top shelves, healthy living campaigner, working mommy, and SOCIATE’S resident Ginger Spice. Rosa loves nothing more than spending time with her infant daughter, slurping on an iced Americano, and sweating it out at boot camps. She’s all about meeting new people, inspiring creative ideas, and seizing the day!
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Marketing Director & Digital Enthusiast

Sabrina Moutarde

Marketing maven, digital enthusiast, foodie, sporty, JT lover, and amazing with the Fetcher app! Easily persuaded with a Nando’s trip, you can rest assured there will be hot peri-peri sauce involved!
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PR Executive & Storyscaper

Tazeen Jafri

As SOCIATE’s resident PR Executive and Storyscaper, Tazeen has rapidly built a growing portfolio in the PR industry. Starting off as an event promoter, she now helps craft creative PR strategies and is quickly carving an identity for herself in the local communications industry. When she isn’t at the office, Tazeen unwinds with a session at the pool or the kickboxing studio.
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Marketing Assistant & Savvy Content Creator

Reena Grewal

The newest addition to #teamSOCIATE – Reena Grewal has come on board as our Marketing Assistant and Savvy Content Creator. Cool, creative, and compelling – Reena hopes to put a modern spin on budding client concepts. In addition to being a marketing badass, Reena enjoys dabbling in design, experimental cooking, and exploring the UAE social scene.
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PR Assistant & Grass-fed Copywriter

Nichole Miranda

Nichole has dipped her finger into many pies-journalism, copywriting, scriptwriting, social media, and even the occasional existential poem. Growing up in Dubai, Nichole spent her childhood bingeing on an obscene amount of Chips Oman and Vimto
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Arabic Translator & Word Weaver

Ahmed Al Zein

Growing up in an area of old Damascus teeming with tourists, Ahmad developed an interest in communication through translation. A philosophy he applies to his work is translating ideas, not words. Having an intimate understanding of subtle nuances in English and Arabic, his translations boast a natural tone. In his down time, Ahmad enjoys working up a sweat with soccer and bonding with his little ones.
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Client Services Manager & Office Angel

Helen Grant

An office angel with a magic wand, Helen is the go-to girl for all things related to organising, planning and accounts! She is an office superstar with style and flare.
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Art Director


A creative geek whose eyes are permanently glued to the screen. Not a fan of unnecessary chitchat. The sole survivor in a world of chatterbox females!
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