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SOCIALITE is an Influencer Relationship agency in Dubai, powered by SOCIATE.

Whether you’re looking to host an influencer launch party at your new venue or send out samples of your new product, SOCIALITE is the agency for the job.

SOCIALITE is SOCIATE’s baby sister, debuted on April 7 2021.


Relationships are at the heart of influencer activations.

Considered a key pillar of the future of marketing, social media influencers are an excellent way to connect with your target audience and complement your media relations strategy. In addition to having a large captivated following, influencers bring creativity and trackability to their brand relationships.


All our solutions are tailored to fit your brand and its unique requirements.

As a SOCIALITE client, you can:

– Start with a single influencer and grow your team as the months pass

– Choose your influencer’s audience population; from micro to mega

– Choose your infleuncer’s niche from a variety of industries

– Tailor your influencer strategy as you go on

We also have a set of packages you can choose from below.

PACKAGE 1 - Customised Influencer Activation in Dubai

This is a tailored approach where each influencer’s deliverables are unique. Allowing for instant results, this package is ideal for short-term projects.

This package can put a brand’s product or service in the spotlight. It can help boost your brand’s followers and post engagement while creating a timely buzz. Types of activations: Giveaways, competitions, video tutorials.

PACKAGE 2- Influencer gifting in Dubai

This package outlines the same deliverables for all the influencers involved. This is ideal for long-term projects as results gradually trickle in. This package helps accomplish overall brand awareness and boosts overall engagement.

PACKAGE 3 - Paid influencer collaborations in Dubai

Some of your favourite social media personalities “influence” as a day job. Paid collaborations ensure excellent quality and that your brand’s guidelines are adhered to in the deliverables (stories, posts, written reviews, video tutorials).


A quick glance at our influencer marketing strategy includes shortlisting and hand-picking the perfect influencers for your brand (our Little Black Book has contacts across several industries), pitching to the influencers, gifting distribution, coverage tracking, following up on deliverables, and outlining the results in a report.


From fashion and beauty to sustainability, fitness and food; SOCIALITE’s influencer marketing department has helped brands achieve great results. We have worked with brands in the UAE and UK, and have enriched our go-to list of trusted influencers.

What does working with SOCIALITE cost?

We strive to tailor all our quotations to match a brand’s needs. For our Influencer Activation proposal and to discuss prices, please drop us a line at [email protected] with “Influencer Activation Help” in the subject line.

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