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Arabic translation services

Our Arabic translation team is just an email away from translating all types of documents – from press releases to legal and business documents. With Arabic being the national language of the UAE, and a major business language, it’s important to have access to reliable translation.

Good to know:
Expats often need to translate English documents into Arabic dialects when dealing with the UAE courts or government. For this, you’ll need a court-certified legal translator.

Arabic copywriting services

We work with a trusted external partner to provide this professional copywriting service. From website content to social media, we can support you with your Arabic content needs.

Arabic PR services

Arabic PR takes a slightly different approach than English PR. Our in-house Arabic PR talent will ensure your brand is featured in the UAE’s tier-1 Arabic publications. As a leading Dubai PR agency, SOCIATE knows what it takes to get your brand noticed through strategic PR, and how to tailor our services to suit your brand’s unique market positioning and requirements. For more information about our PR services, please click here.

Arabic influencer relations

Reach your target audience through the right social media influencers. If your target audience is primarily Arabic-speaking, our team at SOCIALITE can help.

SOCIATE Bil Arabi – Arabic talk show

Have you tuned into our SOCIATE Bil Arabi series on Instagram Live? This bi-weekly series is hosted by our Arabic PR Executive & Social Media Maestro, Malek Shlone. Malek welcomes a new guest in every episode where he discusses current industry news and trends. Step into our spotlight and expand your brand’s social media presence by signing up as a guest on SOCIATE Bil Arabi. To get started, please email [email protected]