Nichole Miranda

Account Executive & Grass-Fed Copywriter

Phone: +971 (050) 241 2787


Growing up in Dubai, Nichole spent her childhood with a tamagotchi in one pocket and Chips Oman-dusted fingers in the other. Writing has always been what makes her tick so a career of turning ideas into words was a no-brainer. Nichole has dipped her finger into many pies – journalism, copywriting, social media, and even the occasional existential poem. That’s actually how she met her better half!

She has written about a variety of themes including gastronomy, fashion, budding arts and culture scenes, business, education, real estate, and lifestyle. The quickest way to become Nichole’s friend is to get chatting about animal welfare, emerging food trends, and how infernally hot Dubai is (she was born here and is still getting used to the weather).

When she isn’t writing, Nichole spends her time brewing yet another pot of espresso, urban gardening, stomping around dusty alleys in old Dubai, and socializing with street cats.