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Renelyn “Glitzy” Robles // Owner and CEO of Niche Modelling Agency

Calling Dubai home for 16 years, Renelyn “Glitzy” Robles had a tumultuous start to her life in Dubai. Despite facing inequality and racism, her career has taken her from being a beauty consultant to working at a well-known UAE developer and semi-government company. After years of dedicated work and polishing her skillset, Glitzy decided it was time to put a crack in Dubai’s glass ceiling.

With a mission to empower women from all over the world in the UAE through modelling presentation, she founded and launched Niche Modelling Agency alongside Ingrid Aureada. Debuted in 2017, the Filipino-run agency is rapidly building a sparkling portfolio featuring renowned brands like Dior, Alexander Wang, Beaume et Merci, Furne One Amato , Micheal Cinco, Emarati local designers and more.