Dominate the desert with the Nissan Patrol Y62 AT35 Moreeb


Arctic Trucks has the perfect beast for you to dominate Tal Moreeb with.

Monikered after the sand dune, the Nissan Patrol Y62 AT35 Moreeb was born for desert-bound adventure. Arctic Trucks, the region’s leader in 4WD conversions, has designed this vehicle to effortlessly cruise across tarmac and sand. The Nissan Patrol Y62 AT35 Moreeb is customized to hurtle through the harsh Middle Eastern landscape without breaking a sweat. The vehicle’s superior suspension and 50mm lift are an open invitation to go wild with some sand dunes. The latter also allows greater ground clearance during dune descents. The Nissan Patrol Y62 AT35 Moreeb’s wider wheel tracker equips it a great stability on off-road surfaces – making it the perfect road trip vehicle.

The Nissan Patrol Y62 AT35 Moreeb comes decked with fender flares, preventing your wheels from kicking up massive clouds of dust as you chop through the desert. What sets this vehicle apart from what’s sitting in your garage is that it’s decked out with the latest 2017 lowest sound rating BF Goodrich tyres. The Nissan Patrol Y62 AT35 Moreeb is tailored to silently cruise on-road whilst giving maximum traction travelling off-road. Adding to its rough and rugged appearance, the vehicle is equipped with a hood scoop. This boosts its aggressive appearance while allowing increased air to the engine. This makes it five degrees cooler than a standard car.

The Nissan Patrol Y62 AT35 Moreeb is available with full warranty through Al Masaood. The best way to celebrate this awesome car is by scaling Tal Moreeb. Share pictures and videos of your experience on social media, and be sure to tag #SOCIATE and #ArticTrucksME in it 🙂

We’d love to see the brilliant adventures you get up to!

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